Past Projects
CBP Blowers
-Material Handling
-High Pressure
-Air Handling
-Roof Exhausters

CBP Cyclones 
-Saw Dust
-Wet Plastic

CBP Dust Collectors
-Horizontal Cartridge Collector
-Portable Extractor Collector
-Vertical Cartridge Collector
-Shake Bag Collector
-Compact Bag Collector
-Modular Baghouse

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IP, Tracy CA
Liberty Press Provo, Utah

California Blow Pipe strives to meet our customers expectations and provides our customers with quality systems to meet there needs. California Blow Pipe operates and manufactures in the U.S.A. 
IP, Tracy CA
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CBP Airveyor & BC Blower
CBP Sound Enclosure
Verizon Phone Book Division
CBP Dust Collector 2-16 is 
compatible with an EVOL-100,
EVOL-86,Martin DRO, Marquip 
RDC, & Martin Flexos. The layout of the dust collector takes up very little floor space, leaving the customer with more floor space & more options. Our dust collector meets all OSHA & Safety requirements. CBP dust collectors are highly recommended by Mitsubishi & previous customers. Call us today for a free quote!! 
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CBP Trim Blowers are in stock!

CBP Exhaust Fans
(Available in all sizes!)
PCA - Reading 2012
EVOL-86 Cyclone Dust Collector
Rochester Midland - Riverside CA 2012
 CBP Floorsweeps
(Available in all sizes)
EVOL-100 Airveyor Video
Almo Process - 12,000 CFM Baghouse Collector
Sun 625 RDC - Dust Collector